Things I Learn About Myself

I am by no means homophobic and I’m fine talking to a random guy in the gym locker room while he’s completely naked, but when he extends his hand… the handshake I do feel a little odd about it. It’s actual flesh-on-flesh contact. With a naked dude.

Naked dude at the gym — sorry I cut our conversation short. It wasn’t you, it was your flaccid penis. Perhaps in a parallel universe, one where you were wearing pants, we’d have become friends.



Recently, my unabashed admiration for Wikipedia caused me to go and look up the Wikipedia entry for Wikipedia. This did not, contrary to my fears, cause the universe to implode. Turns out Wikipedia has been around since 2001, though I’m pretty sure I didn’t start consulting it until 2005 or so.

Before Wikipedia became popular, if someone had told me that a website with articles that absolutely anyone could edit at any time with perfect anonymity would become a fairly reliable source of information, I would’ve laughed at them. When I was a kid, we already had a venue for writing collaborative things in perfect anonymity — it was called public bathroom stall walls. And though the things I’d learned from those were numerous, they were limited to mostly the medical and anatomical fields.

But I’m glad the lack of public bathroom stall walls in cyberspace has been filled by 4chan.